Production Line Process

Production Line Process

True Steel solutions Company has a wealthy production line providing our customers with an end-to-end service via one single contact to deliver the products, no need for 3rd parties which is costly and wasting the time.

All that you need will be provided.

  1. Design Solutions
  2. Laser cutting process
  3. Bending process
  4. Welding process
  5. Punching process
  6. Metal coating & protection
  7. Packing process

1. Design Solutions:

Being detail-oriented makes us not just aware of the product function and benefit but we do propose and design solutions tackling problems, optimizing cost & time hammering on True Steel solutions design section and the new disruptive technology as well.

2. Laser cutting process:

Laser cutting are commonly used in a wider variety of processes in many different manufacturing sectors to optimize manufacturing processes to ensure high quality of components.

3. Bending process:

One of the most important steps in the production line is the bending metal forming process in which a very precious force is applied to sheet metal leading to bending at an angle and form of the desired shape bending process is forming both simple and complex parts that serve the whole production line.

4. Welding process:

Welding isn’t just a process of joins materials by using high heat melting parts together and allowing them to cool, one of the significant parameters of products quality is how it’s properly welded in terms of finish that appears in small details but definitely makes difference, reflect standards and philosophy of how we deal with each product as a masterpiece.

5. Punching process:

The punching process that uses a wide variety of tools to apply the punch pressing for force a tool creating a hole/holes, Punching is applied to a wide range of materials that come in sheet metal form.

6. Metal coating & protection process:

Metallic coatings add a layer that changes the surface characteristics of the workpiece to the metal being applied, assuring that metal parts are composite material showing characteristics that are not achievable by either material if used alone, coatings assures durable corrosion resistance layer and core material allows load bearing capability.

7. Packing process:

It’s not only about preventing damage or optimizing cost, it’s about being driven by the belief in customer centricity and satisfaction, the packing process cannot bear any compromising in how our products and artwork will be delivered to our valued customers.

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