Cable Tray & Ladder

Cable Tray – Cable Ladder

True Steel Solutions is manufacturing robust built cable Ladder Type Cable Trays that are produced from the finest steel.

It is used in various industries for the distribution of power throughout the premises and factories.

These cables have uniform distance between them and consist of two longitudinal side rails or rungs, welded to the side rails or bolted in some cases, this type of cable tray provides maximum ventilation to heat-producing cable such as power cables.


Features :

  • Maximum strength for long span applications
  • Thickness available 1.0 up to 2.0
  • Standard length Up to 3.00 Meters.
  • Rung spacing.
  • Material for covers and cover clamps are Pre-galvanized and Powder Coated upon request.

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Frequently Asked questions

It is a steel structure designed and shaped to accommodate electrical wiring used for the power distribution of factories, basements, bridges and buildings, cable trays are commonly used as a substitute to open wiring and electrical pipe systems and mostly used for cable management in commercial and industrial construction.

  • Aluminum Cable Trays

Cable trays manufactured with aluminum can be utilized in nearly any natural environment, they have a reputation of having a great strength-to-weight ratio and worthy endurance to corrosion, these cable trays are easy to install and are also useful because of their light weight as it is almost 50% lighter than steel cable trays.


  • Steel Cable Trays

Cable trays are commonly made of steel which is the most popular because of the several qualities and benefits emerged in offering extremely high strength and low cost, the only disadvantage of to steel cable tray is the relatively high weight and low corrosion resistance which is avoided by using hot-dip galvanized steel.


  • Stainless Steel Cable Trays

Stainless steel cable trays are also broadly used throughout various productions, it is highly opposed to dyes in addition to the high resistance to organic and inorganic chemicals in exceptionally high temperature.


  • Ladder Type Cable Trays

It is a surprising fact that 80% of cable trays used are ladder type cable trays as humidity does not gather in this cable tray type.


  • Solid Bottom Cable Trays

This type of cable tray is commonly used to accommodate overly sensitive cables or wires as it includes a solid bottom side with solid cover.

Cable trunk is utilized to keep cables from damage and to cover hideous cables from view. It can be used in any location including factories, homes, hotels, hospitals and basements. Electrical trunking is manufactured by many materials, sizes and forms to match the location and requirements of the inauguration.

The cable tray system is commonly used to help protected electrical cables used for power distribution & management,

Mostly, cable ladders have a preference for supporting high volume or heavy cables, particularly if there are long distances between supports while cable trays are typically used for light weight cable support.

Cable tray is mostly used to lay cable lines, while metal trunks are mainly utilized for placing wire wires.

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