ONT Enclosure

ONT Enclosure

True Steel Solutions is engaged in producing Innovative Enclosures offers the World’s most versatile All-In-One Solution for housing various Manufacturers’ ONT’s, Fiber/Cable Management, ONT Power Supply with a unique design provides a movable slack storage tray allowing universal fit for nearly all indoor ONT Models, including vertical fiber splice tray, multiple entry and exit Fiber/Cable management and securement options, control access window for customer control options without removing the cover and easy install cover with the optional company logo.

ONT Enclosure Products

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Frequently Asked questions

It is a steel structure high performance indoor ONT Enclosure designed to accommodate and host the components of a typical FTTh installations and surveillance cameras system.

It secures multiple cable ports as an entry and exits for maintaining easy cable management and stress release features for cable entry and exit ports.

Because it secures a complete solution for accommodating multiple Fiber/Cable management options, it offers cover to give full protection from any unintended damage at the customer premises. This installation grants long term protection and stability of service rendered.

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