Telecom Solutions

Telecom Solutions

True Steel Solutions is engaged in offering a premium quality range of RRU brackets, we design custom-tailored solutions with cost-effectiveness.

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Frequently Asked questions

RRU Bracket includes front clamp, back clamp, angle, RRU Mount, zinc spring nut, steel hex bolt galvanized threaded rod, galvanized hardened flat steel, galvanized lock steel, galvanized heavy hex nut.

RRU bracket is a small steel structure mounting mechanical device used to setup telecom towers equipment on the BTS, RRU brackets come with different sizes and load weights, it’s an optimal solution to accommodate the fast-dynamic technology updates in telecom sector sites.

  1. RRU Brackets come in different shapes and forms, single, dual and triple which allow telecom operators to optimize the cost of installation and assess the potentiality of future equipment upgrade or amendment based on technology and forecasted expansion.
  2. Load weight assessment is very essential as the RRU bracket is bearing very expensive and valuable equipment.
  3. RRU Bracket is formed of hot-dip galvanized steel to assure corrosion resistance which is a must to avoid weather and atmospheric corrosion without the need for the cost of stainless steel.
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