18U Wall mount Rack

Available Size:

18U 600*600 (Part Number TS06008018I)


Space Optimization: The Wall-Mount 18U Rack is tailored for environments where maximizing floor space is crucial, offering a compact yet robust solution to house your critical equipment.

Elegant Visibility: The glass front door adds a touch of sophistication while allowing for clear visual monitoring of your equipment, seamlessly integrating style with practicality.

Enhanced Security: Safeguard your valuable equipment with a main key lock securing the rack, ensuring peace of mind and protection against unauthorized access.

Flexible Storage: Organize your essential hardware with ease, thanks to the inclusion of one fixed shelf, providing convenient storage and easy access to your equipment.

Optimized Ventilation: Two strategically placed ventilation fans maintain an ideal temperature within the rack, preventing overheating and preserving the optimal performance of your hardware.

Convenient Accessibility: Two side door panels offer easy access to your equipment, simplifying maintenance tasks and facilitating equipment upgrades.

Durable Construction: The closed steel rear door ensures the integrity of your equipment, providing a secure enclosure and enhancing overall durability.