About Us

who we are?

TrueSteel solutions company has been established to be pioneered in the metal shaping and fabrication field, we produce precision components to exacting customer specifications.

we provide cost-effective solutions for various industries, using the CNC machinery in most of our products that gives us the precedence to provide high-quality products bridging the market gap of imported products exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Our Commitment to Bridging Gaps:

At True Steel Company, our focus is on delivering cost-effective solutions that bridge the market gap for imported products. We understand the economic significance of offering alternatives that not only match but surpass imported products, ensuring reliability, affordability, and sustainability.

Quality Redefined:

We firmly believe that quality is non-negotiable. Our dedication to excellence, precision, and performance is not just a point of pride; it's a testament to our promise to deliver the best. Every product that bears the True Steel name is a guarantee of quality that exceeds industry standards.

Digital Transformation Partners:

At True Steel, we are more than a provider of steel solutions; we are your partners in digital transformation. We recognize the significance of steel in reshaping the landscape of business and infrastructure in the Middle East. Our solutions are designed to empower you to thrive in the digital

We invite you to embark on a journey with us, where the strength of steel is harnessed to drive digital progress, and where our commitment to innovation and quality shapes a future that is stronger, more efficient, and technologically advanced. Trust in True Steel Company as your partner in building a digitally empowered Middle East.

Accomplished Many Successful Projects..

True Steel has accomplished many successful projects with a high level of quality and accuracy. We do believe at True Steel that we are not providing only products, we deliver solutions hammering on:

  • Professional Team.
  • Superb quality.
  • ailored and customized designs.
  • Commitment to lead time
  • After-sales services, agility to upgrade or customize based on arising needs.


Being the customer’s first choice to bridge the gap between the high cost of imported equipment vs. high quality of domestically manufactured products driven by our commitment to quality and the core value as customer centric manufacturer.


True Steel main goal is to be the No.1 reliable manufacturer of customized products and innovative solutions in Egypt and MENA in terms of:

Offering the most appropriate cost for value enabling our valued customers to achieve their objectives and vision.

Keeping pace with the global evolution of tools and machines securing a wealthy production line.

Hammering on the professional and highly qualified crew knows what it takes to ensure the job is right the first time with 100% accuracy making all our customers’ dreams come true.

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