21U Base mount rack

Available Size:

21U 600*600 (Part Number TS06006021O)

21U 600*800 (Part Number TS06008021O)


Rugged Construction: The IP66 rating ensures a dust-tight and water-resistant enclosure, making this rack ideal for harsh environments where equipment is exposed to challenging conditions.

Optimal Size: With 21U of space and a compact footprint of 600x600mm, our rack provides the capacity you need while optimizing floor space efficiency.

Enhanced Ventilation: Two ventilation fans, along with two dust filters, maintain optimal airflow while preventing dust ingress, ensuring equipment stays cool and functions optimally.

Flexible Storage: Organize your essential equipment with the inclusion of one fixed shelf, providing convenient storage and easy access to your hardware.

Robust Security: Safeguard your valuable equipment with a main key lock, ensuring that unauthorized access is prevented even in challenging environments.


Base Mount: Securely anchor the rack to the floor, providing stability in demanding environments.

Double Door: Maximize accessibility and simplify equipment installation and maintenance, allowing easy access to your equipment.

Double Layer: Enhance protection with a double-layered door, providing an extra barrier against environmental factors.