42 U data Center Rack

Available Size:

42U 800*800 (Part Number TS08008042I)

42U 800*1000 (Part Number TS080010042I)

42U 800*1200 (Part Number TS080012420I)

42U 600*1000 (Part Number TS060010042I)

42U 600*600 (Part Number TS0800120I)

42U 600*800 (Part Number TS06008042I)


Sturdy Construction: With a robust 800x800mm frame, our FreeStand rack ensures durability and stability in any data center setting.

Optimized Airflow: The perforated front door and closed steel rear door create an ideal airflow balance, preventing equipment overheating and maintaining optimal performance.

Customizable Storage: Benefit from a fixed shelf for convenient storage and easy access to essential equipment.

Efficient Ventilation: Four ventilation fans are strategically placed to enhance airflow and cooling, ensuring your hardware operates at peak efficiency.

Enhanced Security: Two main key locks secure your equipment, providing peace of mind in high-security environments.

Versatile Access: Four side door panels offer easy access to your equipment from multiple angles, simplifying maintenance and upgrades.

Mobility and Stability: Equipped with four castors and adjustable legs, our rack offers both mobility and stability, allowing you to adapt to changing needs.

Cable Management: Two vertical cable organizers help keep your cables organized and prevent tangling, ensuring a neat and efficient setup.

Impressive Load Capacity: With a load capacity of 1500 K, our FreeStand rack accommodates a wide range of equipment, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

Choose the door type that suits your specific requirements:

Glass Door: For a sleek and transparent aesthetic that allows easy visual inspection.

Perforated Front and Rear Doors: Optimal airflow and security with a balance of perforation and solidity.

Double Door: Maximize accessibility with dual doors, simplifying equipment installation and maintenance.

Solid Steel Door: Enhanced security and protection for sensitive equipment.