47 U data Center Rack

Available Size:

47U 800*800 (Part Number TS08008047I)

47U 800*1000 (Part Number TS080010047I)

47U 800*1200 (Part Number TS080012047I)

47U 600*1000 (Part Number TS060010047I)

47U 600*600 (Part Number TS06006047I)

47U 600*800 (Part Number TS06008047I)


Optimal Size: With a generous 47U of space, our rack provides ample room for your equipment, ensuring scalability for future expansions.

Sturdy Construction: The 800x800mm frame guarantees a robust and durable structure, capable of withstanding the demands of a dynamic data center environment.

Advanced Ventilation: Benefit from a perforated front door and closed steel rear door combination, optimizing airflow to prevent equipment overheating and ensuring consistent performance.

Flexible Storage: The inclusion of one fixed shelf offers convenient storage for essential equipment, promoting efficient organization within the rack.

Efficient Cooling: Four strategically placed ventilation fans contribute to a well-regulated temperature, preserving the longevity and performance of your hardware.

Enhanced Security: Two main key locks provide an added layer of security, safeguarding your valuable equipment from unauthorized access.

Versatile Accessibility: Four side door panels facilitate easy access to your equipment from multiple angles, streamlining maintenance and upgrades.

Mobility and Stability: Equipped with four castors and adjustable legs, our rack offers both mobility and stability, adapting seamlessly to your evolving infrastructure needs.

Cable Management Excellence: Two vertical cable organizers ensure a tidy and organized cable setup, minimizing clutter and simplifying maintenance.

Impressive Load Capacity: Boasting a remarkable load capacity of 1500 K, our FreeStand 47U Rack accommodates a diverse range of equipment, making it a versatile and future-proof choice.


Glass Door: Combine aesthetic appeal with visibility for easy equipment monitoring.

Perforated Front and Rear Doors: Strike the perfect balance between airflow and security, ensuring optimal performance.

Double Door: Maximize accessibility and simplify equipment installation and maintenance.

Solid Steel Door: Enhance security and protect sensitive equipment from unauthorized access.