the 144-Core Modular Optical Fiber Distribution Frame

Introducing the 144-Core Modular Optical Fiber Distribution Frame: Streamlined Connectivity and Organization

Upgrade your fiber optic network with the 144-Core Modular Optical Fiber Distribution Frame, a high-capacity and versatile solution designed for efficient splicing and patching. Explore the key features that make this distribution frame an excellent choice for ensuring optimal connectivity and organization:


High-Capacity Design: With a total of 144 cores, this distribution frame is capable of accommodating a large number of fiber connections, making it suitable for high-density network environments.

Modular Configuration: The distribution frame is composed of 12 pre-loaded 12-core splicing and patching units. Each unit includes connectors such as FS/SC/ST/duplex LC, providing flexibility for various fiber optic connector types.

Versatile Fiber Connectors: The inclusion of popular connectors like FS/SC/ST/duplex LC ensures compatibility with a wide range of fiber optic equipment and devices.

Rack Unit Height: The distribution frame is designed as a 4U rack unit, allowing for efficient use of rack space while providing ample capacity for fiber optic connections.

Compact Dimensions: The frame’s dimensions of 482mm (width) x 420mm (depth) x 175mm (height) ensure a compact and space-saving solution that can be easily integrated into standard network racks.


Streamlined Connectivity: The modular design enables efficient splicing and patching, ensuring a streamlined and organized fiber optic network.

Scalability: With a high core count and modular configuration, the distribution frame is scalable to accommodate growing network requirements.

Versatility: The inclusion of multiple fiber connector types enhances compatibility and versatility in connecting various optical equipment.

Space Efficiency: The 4U rack unit height and compact dimensions maximize the efficient use of rack space, making it suitable for data centers, telecom rooms, and other network facilities.