TS0605012EON Indoor ONT

Available Size:

(Part Number TS0605012EON)


Durable Construction: Crafted from galvanized steel, this ONT panel offers reliable structural integrity, ensuring long-term durability and protection for your valuable equipment.


Thickness Options: Choose from thickness options of 1.25mm, 1.5mm, or 2mm, allowing you to customize the panel based on your specific durability requirements.

Embedded/Exposed: Tailor the ONT panel to your installation preferences by choosing between an embedded or exposed configuration.

Brackets for Patch Panel: Optimize cable management with brackets designed for easy installation of a patch panel, ensuring organized cable routing and management.

Base for Fiber Termination Box and ONT: The panel is equipped with a dedicated base, providing a secure and organized space for Fiber Termination Boxes and Optical Network Terminals (ONTs).

Ventilation Options: Choose whether the panel comes with or without fans based on your cooling requirements and environmental conditions.